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Chopper Kulture 

Pronounced: Chop-per Kul-tcha


The definition of the noun ‘chopper’ is a type of motorcycle that has been modified from an original motorcycle design ("chopped") or built from scratch to have a unique and individualized appearance. 

‘Kultcha’, the slang phonetic word for the noun ‘kulture’, means the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social group, which in this case, means bikers or scooter trash.

Each motorcycle is hand-crafted to the highest level of workmanship, using a combination of precision engineering and quirky imagination.  The unique results reflect the complexity and personality of the individuals who ride them. 

These are serious machines, guaranteed to leave an enduring impression on anyone who is even lucky enough to get near one.

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Mario Kyprianides, the owner and master-builder of Chopper Kulture, was born August 14, 1969 in Cyprus. 

His talent for motorcycle building appears to be inherited from his late grandfather who, during the 50s and 60s, built Harleys, Indians, Triumphs as well as BSA’s.  His father is also a skilled mechanic, and so throughout Mario’s life he was constantly exposed to the world of engines, oil and dirty fingernails!

Mario is a graduate of Engineering in the UK, registered with the European Engineering Council, and full member of the Society of Operational Engineers (SOE) and Institute of Plant Engineers (IPlantE).  He has also just been awarded Biker Builder – Level II, from the Institute of Master Bike Builders Association (IMBBA).

His technical skills are not just limited to bike building, he also holds a Master Mariner certificate and has single handedly project managed the building of super yachts.  

Chopper Kulture was established in 1992 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where Mario continues to live; however, he spends much of his time participating (and winning) bike shows throughout Europe and the United States. 

Mario is renowned for building some of the world’s finest custom choppers.  For the bike ‘Courtesan’ alone, he won the following awards:

-Rats Hole Sturgis 2010 - Best of Show

-Rats Hole Sturgis 2010 - Best Bobber

-Dubai Bike week 2010 - Best of Show
(Middle East Champion of Custom Bike Building)

-Dubai Bike Week 2010 - 1st Freestyle Class

-European Bike Week 2009 - 1st Radical Class

-Arneitz European Bike Week 2009 - AMD Best of Show Runner Up

-Middle East Hog Rally 2008

o1st Freestyle

oBest Paint

oPeoples Choice

Mario continues in his grandfather’s legacy by becoming one of the most elite and sought-after builders in the world.